4 Techniques to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Prevent Premature Ejaculation is important because premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that often occurs. Based on research published by the journal Drug Discovery Today, as many as 30 percent of men have experienced premature ejaculation. According to Andrew C. Kramer, MD, urologist and junior surgery lecturer at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, premature ejaculation can occur due to stress, as well as problems involving emotions and psychology. Not only that, premature ejaculation is also considered a problem of male self-confidence. Various ways you might do to prevent premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation, Prevent Premature Ejaculation, Premature Ejaculation Medication, Male Strong Medication, Foredi Herbal Gel, Luck One HerbalPremature ejaculation can occur in 30 seconds to a minute, it may even occur before penetration. Still according to Kramer, premature ejaculation can be associated with erectile dysfunction, and this problem can befall men from any circle, do not see age. Even though, the exact cause of this problem has not been found, often this problem is associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. All three can be the trigger for premature ejaculation. If left alone, of course, this problem will affect your relationship and your partner. You and your partner may be equally dissatisfied. Then, what’s the solution?

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

You can visit a doctor to consult. The doctor will recommend counseling sessions involving psychotherapy. Likewise, how to communicate with your partner about sexual dysfunction. In addition to counseling, other treatments will also involve behavioral techniques, topical anesthesia (which is given directly to the skin), and some drugs. Here are some explanations:

Understanding 4 Techniques to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

1. Behavioral Techniques

As explained above, premature ejaculation can occur because you feel depressed. Behavior techniques can be said to be uncomplicated, you might be recommended to masturbate for about one, or two hours before making intercourse. This behavior is intended to control premature ejaculation while you have sex. Another way that might be recommended is to avoid intercourse for some time to focus on the type of play / sexual stimulation only, so that the stress that triggers debate in your mind can be eliminated.

2. Pelvic Exercises

Not only women can do Kegel exercises, men can do it too. Kegel exercises target the pelvic floor muscles. Premature ejaculation can be caused by weak pelvic floor muscles so that the ability to resist ejaculation also weakens. Pelvic floor exercises with Kegel exercises can strengthen these muscles.

How to Do Kegel Exercises:

  • Find the correct muscle. The way you can try the movement to hold back the flow of urine, or tighten the muscles when you resist wasting the wind. If you have found the right muscle, you can do this at any time. Make sure this does not keep you from holding urine, or resist wasting the wind, because the impact is not good for your health. Do the movement when you don’t want to urinate or dispose of the wind.
  • Start doing exercise techniques. You can hold the pelvic floor muscles for three seconds, then relax for the next three seconds. When you feel your pelvic muscles have started to strengthen, you can do it while sitting, standing or walking.
  • Practice your focus. Be careful not to exercise to flex your abdominal muscles, thighs, or buttocks. Just focus on tightening the pelvic floor muscles. During exercise, you should breathe freely, no need to hold your breath.
  • Repeat this exercise. So that the maximum results do three times a day. If, you have been able to do it several times, target 10 repetitions in a day

3. Squeeze Technique

Another technique that might also be recommended by a doctor is a squeeze technique. The workings of this method are:

  • Starting sexual activity as usual, can be started by giving stimuli, until you feel ready to ejaculate (but not ejaculate).
  • Let your partner squeeze the tip of your penis, at the point where the head (gland) is joined to the stem. Adjust the squeeze for just a few seconds, until the urge to ejaculate passes.
  • Ask your partner to do it again as you need it.

This technique is intended to find out exactly when you have to hold back ejaculation, and make you used to holding it back, so you no longer need the technique. You can also try a technique called stop-start, if you do it the previous technique hurts. The way to do a stop-start technique is to stop sexual stimulation before the ejaculation occurs, wait until the passion decreases, then you can start doing sexual stimulation again.

4. Condoms

In addition to preventing you from sexually transmitted diseases, condoms can also be used as an alternative technique to prevent premature ejaculation. Condoms can reduce sensitivity, this is clearly a tool to resist ejaculation. To resist climax, you can look for condoms that contain benzocaine, or lidocaine, because both can have numbing effects. If not, look for condoms made of thick latex.

Are There Drugs to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

You may be given two drugs that are applied directly to the skin, or taken by mouth. The following is the explanation:

Anesthesia Applied Directly to The Skin

These anesthetics can be cream, and spray, usually containing benzocaine, prilocaine, or lidocaine. The effect produced is the effect of ‘numbness’, or numbness. How to use it is to apply it to the penis about 10 to 15 minutes before having sexual intercourse. You will experience a decrease in the sensation of ‘sign’ of premature ejaculation. What you need to know, this anesthesia can indeed be tolerated, but also has side effects. Some men are reported to lose their sensitivity temporarily, and there is a decrease in sexual satisfaction.

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Drinking Medicine

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